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1st Degree Conferral - Brother Rudy Alvarado

Congratulations Brother Rudy Alvarado on receiving your first degree with the Hawaiian Lodge!

Bro Rudy Alvarado

First Degree Conferral

Congratulations Bro William Reilling, Brother Lee Bordenave and Brother Rudy Alvarado for completing the first degree of Masonry with the Hawaiian Lodge!

Bro William Reilling, Lee Bordenave and Rudy Alvarado

2016 Installation of Officers

On December 16th, brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge, families, friends along with members of the Grand Lodge of Hawaii congregated at the Makiki Temple to install the 2016 Hawaiian Lodge Officers. Worshipful Chris Kaminaka, 2015 Master, handed his seat in the East to the newly appointed master of the lodge - Worshipful Anthony Escasa.


Congratulations 2016 Officers of the Hawaiian Lodge!

Master - Worshipful Anthony Escasa
Senior Warden - Chris Kaminaka
Junior Warden - David Gomes
Treasurer - Alberto Alarcon
Secretary - Worshipful Eduardo Abutin
Chaplain - Worshipful Alex Escasa
Senior Deacon - Dino Fernandez
Junior Deacon - Thomas Davis
Marshal - Marlon Calventas
Senior Steward - Kaleo Gagne
Junior Steward - Jun Suela
Organist - Tito Consejo Jr.
Tiler - Jose Rajiles
Coach - Worshipful Wilson Camagan
Coach - Most Worshipful Dennis Ng

Photo courtesy of brother Micke

1st Degree Conferral

Congratulations Brother Carl Joseph Camus on receiving your first degree with the Hawaiian Lodge!

Carl Joseph Camus - First Degree


A big mahalo to everyone who donated to the worth while Christmas project. Your gifts to the HUGS toy drive will brighten the lives of many children in need and will put a smile on each of their faces. MAHALO!

Thank You toys

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