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In Memory of Most Worshipful Ernest Yasuyoshi Yamane

Past Grand Master - Grand Lodge of Hawaii

Born August 7th, 1921
Initiated June 9th, 1971
Passed on July 28th, 1971
Raised August 25th, 1971
Entered into Rest on May 7th, 2014

Most Worshipful Yamane served as Grand Master of the Masons of the State of Hawaii in 1992 and gave a life-long service to freemasonry.

Memorial Day 2014

Brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge and their families paid tribute to the those who have entered the Celestial Lodge this Memorial Day.

Photo courtesy of Brother RB Rono -

2nd Degree: Brother Zak Smith

Congratulations Brother Zak Smith on his second degree conferral with the Hawaiian Lodge!

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Alex Escasa

Columbarium Clean Up 2014

Thank you to all the brethren and family members who came out to help with the clean up of the columbarium!

Photos courtesy of brother David Gomes

Most Worshipful Richard B. Huston appointed as the Grand Master of Hawaii!

Congratulations to Richard B. Huston from the Hawaiian Lodge for his installation as Grand Master of Hawaii for 2014!

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

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