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2015 Installation of Officers

On December 17th, brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge, families, friends along with the Most Worshiful Frank M. Condello II and his core group of officers congregated at the Makiki Temple to install the 2015 Hawaiian Lodge Officers. Worshipful Kevin Perdue, 2014 Master, handed his seat in the East to the newly appointed master of the lodge - Worshipful Chris Kaminaka.

Congratulations 2015 Officers of the Hawaiian Lodge!

Master - Worshipful Chris Kaminaka
Senior Warden - Anthony Escasa
Junior Warden - Worshipful Kevin Perdue
Treasurer - Alberto Alarcon
Secretary - Worshipful Eduardo Abutin
Chaplain - Worshipful Alex Escasa
Senior Deacon - Guy Hess
Junior Deacon - David Gomes
Marshal - Dino Fernandez
Senior Steward - Thomas Davis
Junior Steward - Zak Smith
Organist - Marlon Calventas
Tiler - Jose Rajiles
Coach - Worshipful Wilson Camagan
Coach - Most Worshipful Dennis Ng

Photo courtesy of brother Anthony Pangilinan

1st Degree Conferral: Brother Michael Longoria & Brother Leonardo Ubierta

Congratulations to Brother Michael Longoria and Brother Leonardo Ubierta on their first degree conferral with the Hawaiian Lodge! Welcome to the fraternity!

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Alex Escasa

Pu'uhale Elementary School Halloween 2014

A big thank you to everyone who made this year's Pu'uhale elemntary school Halloween festivities a great success. The children loved the costumes and haunted castle that was set up by the brothers of the Hawaiian Lodge.

A special thanks to:

Brother David Gomes for organizing the event
Brother Kaleo Gagne and Worshipful Raymund Liongsun for judging the contest
Brother Mike Soriano for giving the kids a scare with your homemade outfit
Brother Anthony Escasa and family for staying late and helping clean up
Brother Jun Sueia and Worshipful Wilson Camagan and Chris Kaminaka and family for setting up and managing the stations

Thanks again to all. Your help was greatly appreciated by the school and especially by the new principal!

Photos courtesy of Brother David Gomes

2nd Degree Conferral: Brother Kaleo Gagne

Congratulations Brother Kaleo Gagne on your advancement to the degree of Fellowcraft with the Hawaiian Lodge!

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Alex Escasa

2nd Degree Conferral: Brother Tito T. Cosejo Jr.

Congratulations to Brother Tito T. Cosejo Jr. on receiving his 2nd degree with the Hawaiian Lodge!

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Alex Escasa

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