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Hawaiian Lodge Events

R.I.P. Most Worshipful Bruce Bonnell

It is with great sadness that we say must say goodbye to our fellow brother Most Worshipful Bruce Bonnell but rejoice in knowing that he is now united with the Supreme Grand Master of the Universe.

Most Worshipful Bruce Bonnell passed away on Friday, July 18th and his memorial service was held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on Sunday, August 3.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

2014 Independance Day - Kailua Parade

This year, the brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge along with fellow masonic lodges, Shriners, Demolay's and Rainbow for Girls marched in the annual 4th of July Kailua parade.

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

In Memory of Most Worshipful Ernest Yasuyoshi Yamane

Past Grand Master - Grand Lodge of Hawaii

Born August 7th, 1921
Initiated June 9th, 1971
Passed on July 28th, 1971
Raised August 25th, 1971
Entered into Rest on May 7th, 2014

Most Worshipful Yamane served as Grand Master of the Masons of the State of Hawaii in 1992 and gave a life-long service to freemasonry.

Memorial Day 2014

Brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge and their families paid tribute to the those who have entered the Celestial Lodge this Memorial Day.

Photo courtesy of Brother RB Rono -

Columbarium Clean Up 2014

Thank you to all the brethren and family members who came out to help with the clean up of the columbarium!

Photos courtesy of brother David Gomes

Most Worshipful Richard B. Huston appointed as the Grand Master of Hawaii!

Congratulations to Richard B. Huston from the Hawaiian Lodge for his installation as Grand Master of Hawaii for 2014!

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

Great Aloha Run

Brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge, DeMolays, and Rainbow for Girls volunteered at this year's Great Aloha Run on February 17th, 2014. Despite the rain, the event was a huge success with over 16'000 participants. Thank you everyone for helping out this great cause!

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

2014 Sweetheart Ball

The annual Sweetheart Ball at the Halekoa Hotel was held on February 15th 2014. Brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge enjoyed a wonderful night of food and dancing with their spouses\girlfriends.

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

Illustrious Sir Antonio Ligaya appointed as Potentate for the Aloha Shriners Temple!

The Aloha Temple Shriners recently elected the 2014 officers and 8 of whom were from the Hawaiian Lodge. Most Worshipful Antonio Ligaya was elected as this year's Potentate along with Lee Gordon (Assistant Rabban), Guy Hess (High Priest and Prophet), Allan Acosta (Oriental Guard), Worshipful Robert Schultz (First Ceremonial Master), Worshipful Wilson Camagan (Second Ceremonial Master), Worshipful Alexander Escasa (Captain of the Guard), and David Gomes (Outer Guard).

Congratulations brothers!

Photos courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono

2014 Installation of Officers

On December 18th, brethren of the Hawaiian Lodge, families, friends along with the Most Worshiful Frank M. Condello II and his core group of officers congregated at the Makiki Temple to install the 2014 Hawaiian Lodge Officers. Worshipful Mike Lopez, 2013 Master, handed his seat in the East to the newly appointed master of the lodge - Worshipful Kevin Perdue.

Congratulations 2014 Officers of the Hawaiian Lodge!

Master - Worshipful Kevin Perdue
Senior Warden - Chris Kaminaka
Junior Warden - Angelito Santos
Treasurer - Alberto Alarcon
Secretary - Worshipful Eduardo Abutin
Chaplain - Worshipful Alex Escasa
Senior Deacon - Anthony Escasa
Junior Deacon - Guy Hess
Marshal - David Gomes
Senior Steward - Andrew Holeman
Junior Steward - Dino Fernandez
Organist - Thomas Davis
Tiler - Jose Rajiles
Coach - Worshipful Wilson Camagan
Coach - Most Worshipful Dennis Ng

Photo courtesy of brother Ronnie Rono